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The GFTA Story

Initially seeking mutual professional support on the heels of the Food Tour Pros vast network created through education seminars, GFTA launched the Global Food Tourism Conference  starting in Chicago in 2015, an annual event attracting business owners, CEOs, managers, support staff, tour leaders, buyers, national tourism boards and more from all corners of the world. The conference grew in its reach in breadth adding annual events in cities including Austin (Texas), Seattle (Washington) and Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and ultimately co-locating with Arival 360 in Orlando (Florida).

GFTA believes that successful, healthy and growing industries should leverage not only conference and event opportunities, but be guided to serve its professionals weekly and monthly through its membership. GFTA solves this networking and knowledge gap with a clear focus on continued education, professional development, sharing of ideas and resources, in-and-out of industry expert training sessions and much more through collaboration and strategic partnerships. GFTA is a unique and lively community, a crossroads where members meet to share expertise and experiences, support and advice, in ways that lead to unparalleled growth and professional success.

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