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Purpose. The purpose of the Association shall be to benefit the membership by fulfilling its mission statement and objectives.

Objectives. The objectives of the Association are as follows:

(A)To create education and connection opportunities for Association members and participants.

(B)To help those in the food tourism industry make better business decisions.

(C) To advance awareness of the food tourism industry and its trends.

(D)To advocate on behalf of the food tourism industry in a manner consistent with the resources of the Association.

(E) To ensure food tourism professionals thrive via a global community available to answer every question that Association members have.

The Association shall not form or enter into any agreement, understanding, combination or any other form of action designed to limit production, fix prices, suppress competition, nor in any other manner restrain or monopolize trade or commerce, nor shall the Association engage in any other act or acts which are in violation of state and federal laws.