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Category: There is one class of membership to the Association: (1) Business Members

Qualification: The qualification for the member class shall be as follows:

Business Membership: A representative from each Business or Provider, as defined below, shall be eligible for Individual Business Membership.

(A) Any Provider, who in the opinion of the Board, is in sympathy with, loyal to, and adheres to the purposes of the Association, complies with all the provisions of the Bylaws and complies with the Standards of Business Practices, as adopted by the Association, and provides the services defined in this paragraph shall be eligible for Business Membership in the Association. A Provider shall mean any sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or other business entity, holding common financial interest, which operates in the Industry and whose primary business is to provide an in-destination tourism event or experience to an end-user client. Further, such Provider, in the performance of such services, has a direct financial relationship with the end-user client, strives to compete fairly and comply with all applicable rules, regulations, ordinances, or laws. When a company operates under one name and/or operates multiple affiliated businesses, even if each city or location is represented by a separate legal entity, such company will be considered a single Provider under the definitions herein and all such affiliated businesses shall be combined codetermines Providers dues. The Provider shall designate the Member on its membership application. In the event the owner or manager of a Provider shall change, the new owner or manager shall submit a change of contact for the voting member to the association via the email address posted under Contact Us

Membership: Procedure.Election to membership in the Association shall be as follows:(

A) Any Provider meeting the definition of Provider in Section 2A, may join the association by submitting or registering their company information and establishing a form of dues payment at Association will review each new member to ensure that the Providercriteria is met.

(B) Any business, consultant, organization, or person eligible for Business Membership in the Association may join the association by submitting their company information and establishing a form of dues payment The Association will review each new member to ensure that the criteria is met.

4. Removal: Members may be removed from association membership by two-thirds vote of the Board. For removal for any reason other than nonpayment of dues, removal shall occur only after the member complained against has received written notice of the complaint and has-been given reasonable opportunity to respond. Such member shall have the right to request a full hearing before the Board. The Board shall have the discretion to order the removal, suspension or discipline of such member. The decision of the Board shall be final and binding.

Reinstatement: Any former member (either resigned or expelled) desiring reinstatement must make application in the same manner as a new applicant. The application for reinstatement shall not be approved except upon condition of payment of all amounts of past due obligations (if any) to the Association and any reinstatement fee set as policy by the Board.

Resignation: Any member may terminate membership by logging into their account and cancelling their subscription, or by sending in written notice there of. Such resignation shall not entitle the member to any refund of dues paid.